Dynamic Content for Email

Seminar Overview

The Dynamic Yield Advanced Personalization Seminar on Dynamic Content for Email will teach you how to use Dynamic Content to serve different images to users in your email campaigns and run A/B tests between different variations. This video module is a recording of a live seminar that took place on October 20th, 2020.

Note: To get the most out of this seminar, you should have a solid understanding of basic Dynamic Yield concepts. If you are unsure, prior to watching this recording, we recommend that you either watch the series of 5 Business Fundamentals on-demand modules here, or register for & participate in an upcoming live DY Platform Fundamentals Training Program here. See the "Schedule & Sign Up" section of the training program page to register. The live DY Platform Fundamentals program is a 5-day curriculum that is offered to all DY users on a monthly basis.