Cross-Device Optimization

Seminar Overview

The Dynamic Yield Advanced Personalization Seminar on Cross-Device Optimization will give you an overview of the purpose and value of optimizing certain Experiences within Campaigns to specific devices (desktop, mobile, & tablet). This seminar will walk you through how to analyze data in the Audience Explorer and Experience Reports to make data-driven decisions on device optimization, and best practices for testing Variation design. This video module is a recording of a live seminar that took place on March 23rd, 2021.

Note: To get the most out of this seminar, you should have a solid understanding of basic Dynamic Yield concepts. If you are unsure, prior to watching this recording, we recommend that you either watch the series of 5 Business Fundamentals on-demand modules here, or register for & participate in an upcoming live DY Platform Fundamentals Training Program here. See the "Schedule & Sign Up" section of the training program page to register. The live DY Platform Fundamentals program is a 5-day curriculum that is offered to all DY users on a monthly basis.